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Twitter is committed to helping increase the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation, and to holding ourselves publicly accountable toward progress (you can read more here ).You’re an experienced Social Scientist with a strong understanding of psychological, cognitive, cultural, and computational processes. You have an excellent command of both qualitative and quantitative research methods and have worked in both academic and applied industry settings.You thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy setting your own research goals, managing load and expectations, and delivering actionable research findings and recommendations. You’re passionate about Twitter and the broader intersection between technology, society, and Health.



​We are committed to an inclusive and diverse Twitter. Twitter is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status.

San Francisco applicants: Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.

Develop an overall vision and strategy for social science research at Twitter, particularly as it relates to the Health of our platform

Work with senior leaders across the company to understand business needs and key research questions

Partner with product researchers, international researchers, and data scientists to create a holistic understanding of our customers and platform

Act as liaison between the broader research community and Twitter

Collaborate with cross functional stakeholders to identify, support and develop partnerships with external researchers, organizations, and institutions on Twitter’s behalf

Incorporate feedback from the broader community into Twitter’s internal thinking

Synthesize information from multiple data sources across social science disciplines in order to arrive at hypotheses, conclusions, and/or implications

Contribute to the company’s assessment of research proposals to determine areas of partnerships and investment

Create an approach for publishing internal research publicly

Collaborate with or build a team of top talent across different fields of study, depending on the proposed vision and approach for social science at Twitter

Ensure rigorous ethical standards are embedded across Twitter's research efforts

Master’s or PhD in a social science field: Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Sociology, Computational Sociology, Anthropology, Organizational Behavior, or related field

A studio containing many walk cycles can be found .

This is a special kind of Stop Motion Animation, made by importing many frames of a 3D object made with a 3D creation application like Blender or Google Sketchup, and running them in quick succession in Scratch to give a 3D rotation effect.

A music video's title screen.

AMV stands for "Animated Music Video." Usually these are projects that features a main sprite singing or interacting in a song uploaded from a local device. AMVs also can contain features as sprites moving their mouth with the song and animations.

An example image from a barrier grid animation.

This type of animation is uncommon. They usually consist of two sprites, a frame and an image. The frame is a black rectangle with single-pixel strips every 5 pixels along its width. The image is actually a composition of many frames of a simple animation, made by extracting single-pixel strips and laying them in order. When the frame is dragged over the image, only the strips of one frame are visible (through the holes in the frame) at a time; thus the image appears to move.

These are created by repeatedly taking pictures of a clay sculpture, changing it minimally each time, so that when the pictures are played in quick succession, the sculpture appears to move. These are hard to make and thus not very popular. They also usually have very large file sizes.

A Screamer is an animation which suddenly breaks off and shows a scary picture to frighten or surprise a viewer. Excessively violent/distressing pictures for the "scream" are discouraged and these projects should be reported .

Stop motion animation is less common on Scratch than animation programming, but also widely used. In a stop motion animation, pictures are taken or scenes are drawn, and then put together using scripts like these . This style requires uploading photos from a picture-taking device and putting them into frames. These do not often get famous, though they require much more work to create (as each frame needs to be drawn individually in the case of a drawn stop motion).

Speedpaints involve an animation of a piece of art being drawn over time. To do this, the artist will draw the very small part of the art, duplicate the costume, continue but draw a little bit, and repeat until the art is done. Speedpaints are often time-consuming and usually require hundreds of costumes to be reproduced. The projects show drawings that are drawn speedily, part-by-part, and automatically. They are made by using different costumes . The costumes are the process of drawing the Magg Lo Womens LowTop Sneakers GStar xxYe0U

These animations are similar to regular animations except that they use pixel art sprites, usually pre-existing ones from 8/16-bit video games. Popular sprites include characters from Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon etc. Despite being popular in Scratch 1.4 , they have declined since the release of Scratch 2.0 .

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